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Brief Description Of Deepwaters


Deepwaters is a hybrid exchange that can guarantee demonstrable fair pricing, fair execution, and true market data at scale, creating the first provably trustworthy trading platform.

It is a fusion of traditional finance and blockchain technology into a hybrid architecture, leveraging proven concepts from both. Deepwaters aims to bring maturity to DeFi and enable systems that power the next generation of financial applications.

Deepwaters has confirmed to launch its own token called “WTR” and they have also announced that users who interact with the tetnet platform will be rewarded on mainnet launch.


The main reason why you shouldn’t miss this project is because it is backed by solid projects and Ecosystems like Big Brain Holdings, NEAR, Harmony, HasRate Capital, Gaingels, etc..


Step-by-Step Guide To Perform Deepwaters Testnet


For this testnet, you will need a metamask wallet extension. You can install it from here

After setting up your wallet, you will add some networks like the following:

  • Avalanche Fuji Testnet
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Binance Smartchain Testnet
  • Ethereum Georli (Default on wallet setup)

To add the first three networks, go to, connect your wallet to, switch to testnet, search for the listed networks, and add it to metamask.


See image below:

After adding the networks to your metamask wallet, the next step is to visit the Deepwater’s Exchange to perform some transactions.


Now follow the below steps:


  1. Visit the Deepwaters testnet page.
  2. Get some AVAX faucet tokens from here.
  3. Go back to the Deepwaters testnet page and connect your Metamask wallet (Switch to Avax Network)
  4. Click on “Faucet” and get Deepwaters testnet tokens.

When you click on the faucet page on deepwaters, you will be redirected to make a tweet on twitter, follow the prompts and you will receive the testnet tokens after which you go ahead and make some trades.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below for a more comprehensive guide on how to perform the trades and interact with all the networks:

Deepwaters have confirmed to launch their own token and may do an airdrop for early users who’ve done testnet actions.

Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop. It’s only speculation even though they announced it on their discord channel.

If you’re interested in more projects that might likely reward their early users then check out our list of potential retroactive airdrops so you don’t miss out on the next Defi airdrop!

If you have questions or inquiries you can comment below or use the contact us page.
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