MES Protocol Testnet

A few interactions on the MES Protocol zksync testnet can earn you some drops for being among the early testers.


What Is MES Protocol?


MES Protocol is the next generation DEX. It is an order book-based DEX built on Zk-Rollups, which allows users on the Zk-Rollup ecosystem to enjoy a CEX trading experience.

CEX offers an intuitive trading experience and various trading functions that are missing on an AMM DEX. MES Protocol brings the CEX experience to a DEX; users enjoy security from Ethereum L1, at the same time the high throughput at a low cost from L2 rollups.


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Interact With The MES Protocol Zksync And Position Yourself For Future Rewards


For This Testnet Interaction,  We would be using ZKSYNC Network

How To Set Up Your Metamask Wallet For Mesprotocol Testnest and Airdrop

  1.  Go to, Switch To Testnet & Connect Your Wallet After That Click “Add To MetaMask” Confirm Transaction In your Wallet. You can use a PC or mobile for this. If you are using mobile, I recommend you download Kiwi browser or Yandex browser


How to add Zksync network to metamask

How to add zksync network to metamask

Now that you have added the Zksync to your Metamask wallet, its time to get some faucet token for the transactions


Go to, be sure you’re logged in, then input your wallet address & click send me ETH.

Goerli faucet


If the Goerli Eth is not showing on your wallet, go to ur MetaMask, click on Networks, then Show/hide test Networks, and be sure to enable it.


Enable test networks


After you have received the faucet token and switched, the next step is to the bridge from the Goerli network to Zksync


To bridge between networks, go to, be sure you have connected your wallet, next you’d click on max and now click on deposit, then Approve transaction in MetaMask


See the image below:

Bridge from goerli to zksync

Bridge from goerli to zksync


Now you have added the Zksync test network, received goerli eth faucet, and bridged between networks, that is, goerli eth to zksync. All these are the required processes for a successful testnet interaction.


So let’s go to the main business;


How To Verify Wallet on Discord and Get Mes Protocol Testnet Token


Head over to the MES Protocol DC (Discord Channel) and verify, to get USDT Faucet.


Go to get-faucet-usdt channel, click on Get Faucet $USDT, Paste Your Wallet addy and click submit. 

A ticket would be created and your USDT faucet will be sent to your wallet in a few mins.


Depositing ETH and USDT Vault on Mesprotocol


 To trade on the Mes Protocol DEX, go to, switch from trade to deposit and ETH Vault to USDT Vault, just as in the image below;

mes protocol testnet


Set the amount Of USDT you want to deposit, then click approve USDT and confirm the transaction in MetaMask, next Click deposit USDT and confirm the transaction in MM(Metamask)

Mesprotocol testnet


After you have successfully deposited the USDT Vault, go ahead and deposit Eth Vault in just the same process as we did for the USDT vault.

Go to deposit, set the amount of ETH you want to deposit for testing i.e 0.2, then click deposit and confirm the transaction on your metamask browser.


Placing Trades on MES Protocol


You have successfully deposited the ETH and USDT vault, it’s time to place some trades.


Let’s make a trade, we’ll be placing a buy order, now set the quantity of ETH you want to use that is, 0.05(If you don’t have up to 0.05, you can use what you have)

placing trade on mes protocol zksync

Then click place a limit order and sign the transaction in Metamask.

You have successfully placed your limit buy order.


Now go ahead and place your sell order, Using 0.01 ETH, use what you have if you don’t have up to the amount.

place sell order on mes protocol testnet


 Next click place limit sell order and sign transaction in your metamask wallet.



You can also check your open orders and order history.


Now let’s test the withdrawal function

Go to deposit, switch to USDT Vault, Set the amount of USDT you want to withdraw and click withdraw USDT and confirm the transaction on your  MetaMask


Repeat the same process for the ETH vault and you are done with this testnet.


Note: Don’t forget to give your feedback on the discord server on how you interacted with the protocol, also stay active so you don’t miss out on important updates.


Now you can relax and wait for the next big thing.


If this post was helpful, please share, and feel free to drop your questions in the comment section.



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Don’t know how to install Metamask extension to your browser?


Watch the detailed video below:



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