Onomy protocol testnet

In this article, we will be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to perform the Onomy Protocol testnet and qualify for a future reward/ airdrop


What Is Onomy Protocol?

Onomy Protocol is an interoperable Layer-1 ecosystem built to converge Forex & decentralized finance. Products include a methodical 3-stage rollout of an innovative multi-chain wallet, a DEX supporting an orderbook experience fused with AMM liquidity pools & a stablecoin issuance protocol.

Step By Step Guide To Perform Onomy Protocol Testnet

For this testnet, we will be making use of Metamask wallet and Keplr wallet


You can watch the video below on how to install metamask to your browser, use the same method and install the keplr wallet,


How To Set Up Metamask Wallet and Claim Faucet


After you have installed the metamask wallet extension, next set up Goerli Network.

Go to your MetaMask—> Click On Networks—> Then Show/hide test Networks.


Be sure to enable it and then scroll down and set your network to Goerli Test Network


See images below for a proper understanding..


STEP 1, Open your metamask and click on ethereum mainnet(network)



STEP 2 Enable Show/hide test Networks.
STEP 3 Set your network to Goerli Test Network



Now that you have setup your metamask wallet, it’s time to get some faucet Onomy faucet tokens

  • Click the link to join Onomy’s Discord https://discord.gg/n857Vn4AB2 
  • Copy your wallet address and scroll down to Goerli-Faucet Channel
  • Now simple send your wallet as a message and wait for a while, to receive the faucet in less than 60 mins

You can also claim faucet from https://goerlifaucet.com, input your wallet address and fill captcha


How To Connect And Trade On Onomy Protocol

Now that you have received the faucet in your wallet, let’s connect and trade on Onomy protocol.


Click on the link to access the Onomy website bonding-curve-testnet.onomy.io, connect with your metamask wallet and accept terms and conditions and click on Continue.


After connecting, it’s time to place a buy trade.


  • Now move to Buy bNOM,
  • Set Amount Of bNOM you want to buy (i.e 0.005Eth)
  • Then Click Buy bNOM and Click Confirm

How to perform onomy protocol testnet

Subsequently, confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

After the transaction is confirmed successful, the next step is to take a trade.

  •  Move To Sell bNOM Section
  • Set the Amount you want to Sell (i.e 0.7 bNOM)
  • Then Click Approve bNOM,
  • Subsequently, Confirm Your Transaction In MetaMask

Note: You will confirm the transaction on the Onomy website and also on your wallet.


How To Bridge bNom To Nom


We would be bridging from bNom to Nom

At the right side of your screen click bridge bnom to nom, make sure your keplr wallet is active 


Next click get started, and select Keplr

Make sure to approve to add chain request, also approve to add connection


  • After you have confirmed transactions on Keplr, you will be redirected to where you will bridge bNom  to Nom
  • Set the amount of bNom you would  like to swap to Nom (i.e 0.5)
  • Then proceed to click swap bNom for Nom,
  • Proceed to click swap bNom for Nom,

  •  Approve for bridging and confirm the transaction in metamask
  • Click return to bridge screen and click swap, then confirm the transaction in metamask


How To Stake On Onomy Protocol

Once bridge is done click continue, next you’d click start staking, then select Onomy as your validator node and click delegate, set the amount of Nom you will like to delegate, and click confirm


First step in staking



Second step in staking


Onomy protocol, onomy testnet
Third step in staking


Also, approve transactions in Keplr wallet

  • After completing the whole process, go back to the discord server,
  • Scroll to the testnet feedback channel and leave a feedback for the team.

Lastly, copy your onomy testnet address in keplr and paste it in drop-nom-address in onomy’s discord.


Image below


Congrats on completing the testnet, let’s wait for Lambo.

Stay tuned for more incentivized testnets and airdrops.


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